Monday, January 19, 2009

Your Worship Did It!!!

Your worship is the catalyst that has brought forth the manifest presence of God. As a result of His presence being present, so many around you including yourself have benefited in healing, deliverance, strength, joy, peace, salvation, and much more. This nation is experiencing one of the most monumental events in history as a result of the prayer, praise & worship of the Lord. Let's give credit and honor where it is due. Our daddy who we call Abba Father is great and mighty. Let's all Celebrate!!!
Have an awesome day!!

Thanks Soulworshiper!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Good Evening SoulWorshipers

As we anticipate the next awesome experience in the raw presence of God, what a wonderful feeling to know that He is in fact ready now and always to tabernacle with us. This is the year of miracles and fulfilled dreams manifested. Ours is the type of worship that the Lord desires and requires. Be confident that everything we could ever need is present in His presence. Let there be Worship!!!