Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Got Lots of Questions?......Now for some answers

Much if not all of what we are looking for in the way of answers to questions regarding our past, present and future...can be discovered at the feet and in the face of God....Now here's the secret if you will...It's somewhat difficult to hear when you are talking yourself....Therefore, let's try this time you and me both to spend time in listen mode and let Daddy share his Heart with us.....Last point as it relates to this whole getting enlightenment thing is the closer you get the more secrets and insight you acquire...Even you and I don't yell secrets out....we whisper then in the ear of the recipient....So therefore..playing it way back and at a distance won't cut it brotha...sistah....gotta come close and really get that relationship thing going.....Cool thing is, God's not funny and temperamental...He's actually waiting with the door wide open....Our's was the only one closed....So......You Want Answers.....Open the door!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

He is everything.....

I remember being back in bible study back at home in Cali (FF)...Every tuesday night we were in bible band, and I recall the teacher always reminding us that in scripture it is essential to always identify, recognize, and realize, where Jesus is in it. The Deacon was consistent in making sure that we understood that in all that we do and experience, Jesus should be glorified and acknowledged...It is because only through Jesus can we ever know the love, mercies, and favor of God. He is the express image and manifestation of the nature, glory, love, and power of God. The beautiful thing about all this that I remember during the time of study, was that scripture began to come alive even more to i sought after the face of Jesus in scripture, it was parallel to my passionate pursuit for him in my daily walk....and as He is daily revealing a little bit more of himself to me, I recognize that he is everything, in every way, every time, everyday! Whatchu know bout JESUS?

P.S. thanks Deacon for your unselfish deposits into our spirits....I appreciate the hand up!

Monday, April 27, 2009

He knows.....

Your sincerity and your strong desire to love unconditional is not going unnoticed. You take the time to visit those who are sick and shut-in and do not look for anything in return. You are faithful to remember those who are in need, and do not wait to ask them whether or not they need anything. You have been a surrogate to children who do not have the benefit of a mother or father's love. Although at times you've said this was the last time, your heart will not let you turn your back on those in need. You have prayed for those who have hurt you and refused to apologize to you, and still anticipate the day that their house will enjoy the blessings of the Lord. You will not allow people to speak a slandering word about those who may have mistreated you even though they are in roles of leadership. You continue to pray for them, serve under them, and contribute to the completion of their vision. You have continued to love without receiving it in return, and though you desire warmth and comfort yourself, you are not selfish and non-compassionate towards those who share stories of displeasure in relationships of their own. Your life has seen plenty of its own losses, and you desire more than what this hour provides.....and in all of this, it appears that noone anywhere at all can see you. It is as if you are a silent existence, fading away into eternity....Who even knows I am here, and does anyone really concern themselves about how I am living and trying to love....Though men often refuse to confess it and may never acknowledge you....He Knows!
Daddy really does know. The awesome thing about it is He also cares, and He is taking inventory of every hug you give, every call you make, every gift you buy, every time you share kind is all taken into account...Mama may never say it, Daddy might pass it by, those who wear the label friend, brother, sister, or even minster, deacon, or pastor might take it for granted, but God......He Knows! NONE of it is being overlooked!

A little bit after this thought came to mind I penned this little melody to remind myself that God Knows about everything I experience. I want to share it with you...I've posted on my's Free and I hope it reminds you too! We are important to God and He pays attention to everything! He Knows.....


Completely Yes......

There used to be a time when Yes meant just that and No meant no. It wasn't confused with so many different degrees or temperaments, or varying definitions. It was considered to be understood as completely Yes or No. In this hour of ever increasing vagueness and compromise. We are challenged to commit to an answer as to whether or not we will live the life of purpose that we were called to live, and be the beacon that illuminates the path for others that will lead to the same. The term "Completely yes" is only needed because of the practice we collectively may have had before of saying yes with our mouths, and not our hearts. Agreeing to complete the task, and endure the test, before it happens, or before and challenges are realized, then turning back when it gets rough. We are provoked at this critical moment to begin committing to a total willingness to stay in the race and complete the course moving daily towards the prize. We do not walk as men unaware of the tests that may come, nor as men unable or incapable of wearying and falter. No, we are sure that those are qualities and characteristics of mortal men that we are, and therefore we place our trust and total confidence in our Daddy! We trust Him to direct us and give us the strength and power to endure. He is the only source for running with patience, living a life full of joy, and walking in troubled times with a mind of peace. We tap into the unfailing, eternal, omnipotent power of the Word of Our Father...When we Surrender and daily reply "Completely YES!"

(Now Let's go change OUR World!)


Thursday, April 23, 2009

The real you......

This one is a little to the left, but bear with me k.....Please brothers and sisters, resist the urge to beat around the bush when it comes to what you really need and want in life. There is such a large accumulation of wasted time out there on issues that are not related to who you are and what is really important to your life...Here's the thing, when you are not upfront and honest with yourself, then you are sure to get a response from life and those in that game that does not resemble what you really wanted...Time and time again, this has and will happen, as long as your approach stays the I beseech thee this day to keepeth it realeth! If you are not ready, then say that, if you are afraid, admit it, if you have doubts deal with that, and if you are not available then stop committing....I declare freedom and liberty over your life...and behold it cometh by telling the truth and confronting reality. One last truth here is that, although you admit the aforementioned feelings and or conditions, that does not cripple you to live as such just provides the platform necessary to get better, grow stronger, become wiser, eliminate the unecessary, and to .....ok here it comes......LOVE and be LOVED the right way! (Okay, I know the last part was somewhat unexpected, but please know that truth and realness go hand in hand with LOVE! Can I get a witness!!!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Promise in the Darkness.....

It's real Dark now I know...It's getting a little hard to see what's coming next. Guess what....You are not forgotten....Promises are everywhere for you...right here and right now....1. God says: I will NEVER leave YOU nor Forsake YOU!...2: God promises: Lo I am with You always, even unto the end of the world!.....3. Weeping is made to endure for the night, but Joy comes in the Morning....4. The Darkness time happens to be the threshold for the Sun to make it's move....What I'm trying to regurgitate in you is......Night comes before day...Truth is it may get darker....Truth is it may hurt.....but Fact is God tempers the heat...and limits the weight on you......Fact is He knows how it feels to lose, be rejected, be neglected, be forsaken, be abused, scarred, and literally denied....And He is living right now to intercede on your behalf....The Promise in the Darkness is provides the perfect opportunity and in fact the only apparent need for Light to have something to do..Light needs not shine in light....Darkness needs it.....It's about to get real bright..(I believe it with you...k)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Leave it....Leave it.....

You think you do but you don't really need what you left....Everything you need is in front of you. Doors are opening up, and ways are being made....It's because it's time to move forward and to walk into your new day and new season! If you needed one, that was ur confirmation!!


It's not in vain....

The time you're putting in and the effort you giving....the sacrifices you are making and the love you are sharing is not in vain. Some of the best things in life that we receive do not show up in our lives for some time after we've sown the good seeds....The Bible says it this way: "Be not weary in well doing, for in due season you shall reap if you faint not.." So, keep encouraging, keep assisting, keep teaching, keep believing in the unbelievable ones...keep investing in the forgotten youth, keep forgiving, and don't stop praying for them all....harvest time is coming and it is always much greater than the seed that was sown...cause it's NOT in vain!

Look for the shade.....

The heat is coming to the city I live in right now...I mean really coming...You know Las Vegas aint noooooo joke, and soon it will be blistering hot here. Some will run to pools and lakes (or should I say THE lake) cause remember I'm in Las Vegas...Okay at any rate, it will be reaching the 120's possibly here and it is something how even in this heat people still have to work and put in hours beneath a relentless sun. The sun will not cease from shining and scalding bald heads and tanning or burning skin...It is doing the job that it was created to do...however in and thru all of this our good friend and refuge continues to grow tall, and spread wide providing us with shelter from the blistering heat...The Lord did not forget to give us trees to provide shade from the overwhelming inferno like sun rays...He provides sunlight for the needs of the day yet does not leave us without refuge....Such a merciful God...Be encouraged to know that the heat you feel right now is not going unnoticed, but does provide you with the ability to realize the grace given to you and me in the Lord's shade...The Word says it like this.. "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High ..shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty!" So if heat is what you feel....Look for the shade.....He made provisions for you....It's not ova!


It doesn't even matter

Whatever it is, whatever it was, however it felt, there comes a time in our lives when we have to just say that none of it even matters anymore. There is a human tendency to hold on to frustrations, hurst, pains, disappointments, misunderstandings, and the like a little bit too long. The severity of all of these might seem to require a certain time duration of remembrance, but life has a way of helping u with the perspective on all of it...When u lose someone you love, all of a sudden, what kept you up at night is forgotten and made light in the mind....Those things we though we could never live without suddenly mean very little to us, when we are facing a life threatening circumstance...Question: Did it matter anyway at all?

(share your thoughts in a post on the SoulWorshipers board)


Sidebar: No secrets here...

Although there are many in ministry who declare either in humor or in deep and super spiritual vernacular that what they share are secrets and cause you to believe that you must rely on their willingness to share them....Let me remind you that Bibles can be purchased at any store that sells books....and the Holy spirit is a GIFT!!!! Those two paired together with...spiritual thirst and hunger, along with functioning eyes, ears, or fingers will allow you to uncover these so called secrets....God is not in the business of hiding himself from those who want to know Him..He desires to be close to you! Maybe that there was the secret all get back to chasing God!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Learning on the job

Hey Soulworshipers,

I pray your week is reaching a great pinnacle. However it started, I hope that there has been some happiness and smiling as we near it's end. I myself have chosen to take a grateful and thankful approach even in the challenges. It definitely is a choice that is made. There are plenty of opportunities to complain and make pouting demands on life, but truth be told most of them go unheard anyway....word? I've continued to learn throughout my early growing years and even up to today that, we are in charge of our days. We have the ability to make them great or not so great, by virtue of our attitude and perspective. Hey, I'm not talking about super powers, or ignorant bliss....naw what I mean is realizing and recognizing what is most important in your life, and placing everything else beneath those named items..Somehow when I put my life, my family, my God, my peace, my joy, my gifts, my love, and my strength and determination in front....the rest seems to be a bit trivial in comparison....Truth is though, that this attitude change comes on the journey, as you learn while living....I had an awesome time enjoying date I placed one of the greatest gifts in perspective...My wife...somehow...sharing and enjoying time together makes living.....light... But I learned this on the job!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Be true to yourself!

Simply put, simply spoken, You are good enough already. If they don't see yet or ever acknowledge it , it's not because it's not in you. Don't feel pressured to prove what you are to anyone unless you're the one...


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Losing does not make you a Loser!

As I am typing this, there are sooo many of us who can confess that within the last 6 to 9 months you have lost something or someone in your life that was of some importance to you and your family. If we go down the line we will find those who have lost, homes, automobiles, jobs, siblings, parents, friends, and possibly soo much more..The irony of this truth is that while we all may have lost something at some point, on many occasions we find ourselves looking at our brother or sister and possibly wishing that we'd be better off if we just had what they had....I'm not speaking of envy, but of the desire to share the perceived joys they have. Losing hurts, to whomever experiences it....However with losing should come a sobering and self revealing attitude that can bring us relevancy and character through the loss...People leave us, friends walk away, loved ones pass, and possessions might be taken away or destroyed....but as spoken a few days ago....You were Created to Win! In your losses, as hurtful as they might be, I still believe that God's grace and mercy are sufficient to cover you thru it all....You ARE loved, and someone DOES care, You have not been cast aside.....and it will get better. The reason why losing does not make u a loser is because when there is a vacancy in life, it allows the promise of God to be activated in your life..."But my God shall supply all your need...according to His riches in Glory.."

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

If you Need to...Start Over!

Okay you've seen better days than've felt much stronger than you do right now...but wherever it is that you are right now and however you might be feeling, i want you to remember that what you have in front of you is much more valuable than all you've lost....Tomorrow is a new day....and it is filled with fresh air and new ideas, thoughts, and opportunities that you've never before seen..People will come into your presence that have never done so before, and you will have a chance to experience something soo fresh and new that can transform your entire life....You've seen yesterday and you're experiencing today....but what about deserve a chance to Start over! If you've lost soo much, and if you've messed it all up....don't be afraid to Start over again...Lift up your head....and....Ask for God's wisdom to guide you!

Friday, April 3, 2009

We Need you...He Wants you!

I pray that you experience peace that passes all understanding. The tests and trials that are upon you now, shall not take you out,but will become the catalyst to push you into your purpose. Your tomorrow is not equal to your yesterday. You can be happy, and your life can be complete. You are not destined to fail, but to succeed. If noone has ever spoken that audibly to you before, know that as I am writing this right now, I am reading it aloud, and declaring it so in your life. Your mistakes shall not become the taskmaster of your potential...I speak life into those dead areas, and proclaim a new refreshing in your mind, body and soul...and after all of that...I challenge you to step out from the cave that keeps you from being honest and true to who you were called and chosen to be....Noone around you might be saying it anymore...but God has not forgotten you...You are still the apple of His are wanted, and desired above all to do great things in this hour...accident, coincidence and oops, are not your were made with deliberate and intentional purpose...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

It Wasn't Yours....That's Why!

I was taking a walk today during a break enjoying the sunshine when I began to think about some things that were no longer apart of my life. Some people, and some material things have been stripped away for various reasons, and like anyone else I have spent some time trying to negotiate with my own intellect as to why they are separated from me..and I wanted to make every reason make sense and say my season was over or that I allowed the enemy to get the best of me and steal it...But there are some things and some people that were never meant to be apart of your life in the way they were. The door was opened too wide and the invitation was given to the wrong individuals...and if truth would be told, there was much grieve during your bonding....Now that that associate has departed you, and those items are no longer in your possession you have a peace that has been missing for some time...and you are moving in the direction of purpose and destiny...You cannot lose something that never belonged to you in the first turn your eyes upon what is coming your's greater than the former thing!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If You Need it..I'll Provide it!

One thing that you can be sure of is that God will provide all of your needs. His word proclaims that the limit to His provision is according to His riches in glory. You can take heart and be assured to know that this recession and current financial slump that the world has decided to partake in, is not the reality of our Father. He's got "money" that is incapable of being counted...He is never at a lack for anything, and is not disturbed by anything that is taking place on earth. He cares, and He knows and promised that if You NEED it, He CAN and WILL provide it. Now where's your faith!