Sunday, June 26, 2011

Don't stop being you!

There are plenty of people who actually think you do matter, and look forward to seeing you everyday....#PleaseDon'tGiveUp!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Be Yourself.

A year from now....someone will be doing what you did and saying it was their idea all along..... Reason: Your gift was always important, pride just wouldn't allow them to say it......#Be yourself!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Now is a great time....

To start thinking for yourself, about yourself. Haven't you grown weary of other people's opinions and suggestions on what would be best for you and your life. Folks are quick to give you direction on what would be best for you and which choice you should make, but when was the last time you made the choice for yourself. We go from living under the influence and instruction of our parents, and school teachers and employers and seem to often continue to flow in the pattern of waiting to do what we do until someone tells us to. Unfortunately we even allow this to happen in church at times....Stand up, Sit-down, talk to a friend, tell a neighbor, turn around, join this group, sing this loud, sit-down, run around, slap them high-five, say amen, say it louder, say it again, even louder, praise, worship, be quiet, give, play, preach, go home, and on and on and on.....I just wonder are you doing any of that at any time because it's in your heart, mind and soul or because you're being told to. Don't get me wrong, much of it is good to do, but isn't it just time that you started living in "Passion" instead of Passivity and "Relationship" as oppose to Religion. You're more than a warm body, or oxygen sucker, you are a living, destined, precious, wonderfully made, purpose filled creation of the almighty God and it's a great time right now for you to be and live out what you were specifically designed to be!