Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's not in Vain....

you may never know the real affect that you have on people. Your smile, your touch, your words, your song, or your cards are just the thing that causes someone somewhere to experience love and compassion that sustains life for them. DO not count it lightly because a life saved is a soul saved. I encourage you to continue to love out loud and to be the best you that we've ever seen. It's not in vain!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Leave it....leave it!

The reason why you left that (whatever your that is) in the first place was because it was not the right fit for you. You endured that place for such a long time and experienced all of the joys that would come from it. It was your manna at the time that you needed manna. You were covered and sheltered there because you were not ready for where you are headed now. OK, so now that we've confessed that truth...pull your hands back and take your eyes off of what you've just cannot go back and you are not permitted to touch it. Comfort, convenience and mediocrity are all behind you. Where you are going is full of stretching, pulling, revealing, uncovering, truth, purpose, and meaning.....Where you were had a purpose when you were there, now its time to move out allow the gift and calling in you to be guided and directed by the spirit into this new place ordained for your life by God. (this is by no means an encouragement to abandon a covenant relationship ie..marriage) but a provocation to progress into your divine destiny by getting up from the table of spoon fed dining into a place of servanthood whereby all the spiritual food you have received is beginning to be shared and used to disciple others....Soulworshipers begat SoulWorshipers!!!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Right Now.....

Luke 15:11 tells the story of the prodigal son who left home with the portion of good that belonged to him....while out in the world he squandered his wealth and ended up with nothing in hand....His misfortune convinced him to go into places he would have never thought to go and to compromise his principles....but when what he had already knew inside his heart was quickened, he returned to the place of rest, safety and promise.....HOME! Thank Goodness we can always come back home to the place of our Calling, our anointing, peace, joy, strength, faith, and life...and upon the return all benefits apply to you once again....Truth is, you never lost them...but just Come Home! God's awaiting your return with open arms, a robe of distinction, a ring of authority, the shoes of a son, and the feast to celebrate....Come Home!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Building Stronger Marriages: Principle #1

Be Careful in choosing Relationships

It is really easy to become familiar with someone else who is not your spouse. Resist the urge to spend time flirting with other people. This is a door that if opened might cause u to look at alternatives to your own marriage should things get shaky and rough. You may think that now there is an escape route for you and lose the willingness to resolve. Guard this area and keep that door close. In addition, these types of relationships will cause your spouse to feel threatened. Protect your Marriage, and enjoy your life together.

More to Come.....

My Summary is......

Headed out to church and remembering the mercies of God. This year is almost over and I can't help but thank Him for all of the tests and trials He brought me through. I had many opportunities to learn from each one and there were some habits that He helped me to break. My summary is that God is faithful in all things He has spoken. He never fails to amaze me and His love is amazing. I Love Him.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

SoulWorshiper's Devotional Journal - Video - "Not Forgotten"

"Not Forgotten" - Video Blog from "SoulWorshiper's Devotional Journal" God Has Not Forgotten You......

Friday, December 4, 2009

Just a Test....You were Made for it.

You have already been through enough to stand this test. Tests only come to extract from you what was already placed inside you. They prove what you already know. Be confident in the Word, Truth, Experience, and God in You and Stand. It's not on you to kill you, but to reaffirm that you are an Overcomer. Go Through.