Monday, March 30, 2009

You went in IT.....To Come OUT!!!

I know you thought that this would never ever be you. This thing you're going through right now, you thought could never be your reality. How could a person like you who has been around this here church thang for a long time...I mean even your grandma was in this. Yet it is you and you are the one that is going thru a sickness, heart wrenching hurts, relationship struggles, financial bondage, bouts with depression and often anger from past defeats.....What we know now if we didn't before is that you are def human and exist on this dying earth and live in and amongst this wretched world..Bad News huh? Well just a minute...because there is always Good News that must follow...remember that being apart of this here earth and having a human being status, then being considered an active member of this world....qualifies you to receive relief from the savior of such....And the next beautiful part of this is the fact that because you have made the choice to except his gift of salvation, you have already been rescued from the bondage of eternal separation from Abba Father....meaning...His love will never leave you...and his grace and mercy will continue to chase after you and bring you into a place of safety, peace, rest, and joy.....We are able to go thru because of the grace of God! You CAN MAKE IT!!!! YEP ITS THE TRUTH!!!

Life goes on....what will you leave it?

Isn't it something how we can get so caught up in what we are doing and never understand the power of transfer and discipleship. We are blessed to be a blessing, and as we have learned we must also teach. Another great and practical way of explaining this is the idea that we should always be "sandwiched" in between being mentored and mentoring another. It is the way we keep the knowledge and wisdom in circulation. Such tragedy comes when all that you have inside of you is never released but is trapped in your mind and heart as you yourself are enclosed in a box within the earth...No one will then ever have the benefit of all you might have brought to the world. Your children, my children and those of your friends and family lie in wait of the integrity and truth that is awaiting an obedient attitude from your mouth to transfer it.. In your absence life will continue on, but a legacy will be left and a continual remembrance and attitude of gratitude will also prevail as we reflect on your unselfish gifts of knowledge given...Leave something behind....Leave it ALL behind!!!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Congratulations from a 49-year Marriage...

A wonderful repost originally submitted by Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Slade. (used by permission)

Congratulations from a 49-year Marriage...
Most people go into marriage with high hopes and expectations. They marry in search of happiness and because they feel they are in love. They marry expecting physical comfort, thrills, excitement, fun, joy, stimulating short, people really want a full and rewarding series of experiences, love, pleasure and happiness.
However, divorce is destroying families at an unprecedented rate - and for every divorce, there are hundreds of other homes that are woefully, and miserably unhappy. Homes where simple "spats" escalate into fists fights, knifings, wife beatings, child abuse, shooting, murders, suicide and homicides.
No one wants to live with heartbreak, arguments, fights or unpleasant scenes in public, or nasty rebellious children, physical and mental pain, economic failure, loneliness, frustration, and depression.
No one wants a hollow shell of a marriage or want to live together out of necessity, or for the children, financial security, or pressure from the church or family members. No one wants to live like strangers in a home where there is no joy, happiness or peace...unable to communicate, each going their own separate way, disgruntled and mad most of the time.
God intended that every marriage be successful. Therefore, the problem does not lie with God's plan for marriage. The problem is that couples don't know what God has said concerning marriage...or they know what He has said, but fail to apply what they know to be true.

More to come... Joe & Cookie

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Taking a break to celebrate

Hey SoulWorshipers,

Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend is rather enjoyable and that you get the chance to relax and just take it easy for a change. I sure will as I'll be celebrating 11 years of Marriage to my beautiful wife Maya. Please excuse me if you will from the writings for at least the next two days..Ladies i'm sure you understand. At any rate my prayer is that you continue to experience real joy and that your life and strength is being renewed daily. My wife and I have def grown thru these last 11 years and we are better and stronger as a result of our enduring every one of our tests and trials. God was and is the center of our lives and that above all was the strength of us being able to laugh and love after 11 years. Please continue to pray for us as we are def doing the same for you and yours. Much love to you...


Thursday, March 26, 2009

What's your main thing?

Today you will have the opportunity to be an example of what realness is all about. There are plenty of shady and double talking individuals all around, but you are not one of them. Let your love show forth today. Let some of the slack out of that rigid line you walk on. Allow someone the opportunity to open up to you and share a though or two. The love you may be seeking to come into your own life, can best be discovered as you step forth to share it to someone else. You might be a busy person, but trust me, everything that you are doing today, will still be there to do after you speak to another human being, and smile when you say hello. In the possibility of your absence, trust me, someone eles will step up to continue your work....get up from the desk, step outside the car, take a few extra minutes, eat it in instead of to go, and take the time to talk longer.....after all, are you living for the temporal or the eternal....Be sure your main life's main thing!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You're On Display....Shift this place!

You have the awesome opportunity of showing what living is really all about. In this hour of searching and seeking to find answers, you have been given a platform by which to change the course of life for a friend, relative, coworker, neighbor, child. During times of great distress, loss, and vulnerabilities, the unconditional, unselfish, unending, love that you and I have come to know so well from Abba Father. His love is too great to keep it to ourselves. Change a life today. You may not realize it, but the people around you are literally hoping that you won't fail...I know there are haters here and there, but most folk want you to be the real thing. So while it is definitely easy to get caught up in our own times of basking in peace and safety in Jesus....SHARE THE WEALTH!!! You are on display for the reason of changing the world around you...shift this place!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Keep it real!

Your real character comes forth when you are in a situation in which doing the right thing does not provide any obvious immediate benefits for you, and compromising will seem to bring you into a place of notoriety, fame, fortune, and ecstasy right now....Are you a people pleaser, and do you act shady and different when people of high stature and of much material and earthly wealth are in your presence, and forget those around you who daily share in promoting your success..Don't forget to show love, honor, and respect to those everyday people in the face of those whom you call celebrity, famous and important. The bible reminds us that, there will come a time when you will reap what you have sown....It all comes back to you...


Monday, March 23, 2009

Leave it....leave it!

The reason why you left that (whatever your that is) in the first place was because it was not the right fit for you. You endured that place for such a long time and experienced all of the joys that would come from it. It was your manna at the time that you needed manna. You were covered and sheltered there because you were not ready for where you are headed now. OK, so now that we've confessed that truth...pull your hands back and take your eyes off of what you've just cannot go back and you are not permitted to touch it. Comfort, convenience and mediocrity are all behind you. Where you are going is full of stretching, pulling, revealing, uncovering, truth, purpose, and meaning.....Where you were had a purpose when you were there, now its time to move out allow the gift and calling in you to be guided and directed by the spirit into this new place ordained for your life by God. (this is by no means an encouragement to abandon a covenant relationship ie..marriage) but a provocation to progress into your divine destiny by getting up from the table of spoon fed dining into a place of servanthood whereby all the spiritual food you have received is beginning to be shared and used to disciple others....Soulworshipers begat SoulWorshipers!!!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Remedy for your Liberty!

Repentance is not a bad word. IT is actually a liberating one that will bring you into a place of true freedom. Although it may be unpopular to do in this day that we live in, it is a necessity of life. In our churches we have often limited the altar and the call to repentance to those who do not know Christ and have never had a personal relationship with Him. However as the bible beseeches us to die daily and to crucify the flesh, we must acknowledge the fact that we fail and come short of God's glory daily. Now this repentance is not an act of redoing what was already done at the time we accepted the Lord into our lives, but it is one that keeps our heart in check. The altar as my Pastor would say "is our friend." It gives us the opportunity to come before the Lord and burn up the ugly, stinking, filthy flesh and it's ungodly motives and ways. When we sin, it is time to confess to the Father in order to maintain our ability to access His throne. God is not impressed by our talents and gifts seeing that He gave them to us, neither our chiseled chests, and bodacious bods, seeing that he shaped and formed us in His likeness. Whatever we are and will be, He put the potential in us. So because he knows us anyway, despite the humility required to do it, repentance is needed to keep us near Him. Yeah, you have been around the church for a while, and yes, the worship team has included your vocal talents for the last 5 years, and you have studied your word and know the names of God, but now it's time to get real and get it right. If you've been living life, and operating in ministry with unrepented sin, it's time you began walking in the true liberty of salvation. Iniquity and unrepentance will block your prayers and cause God's ears to be shut to YOU. Truth is it's really on you. He CAN hear, but the refusal to repent violates the relationship. It's not a secret, or hidden remedy....just do it and watch your life change TODAY!


Friday, March 20, 2009

Can you Hear me NOW?

What you experience is not all misfortune and bad luck. I know the folks at the job and the shows on T.V., maybe even some family members have gotchu thinking that every bit of not so pleasant news is the work of something evil and unfavorable towards you. However, your life is more than just a twirling twig falling from a tree. You have been made in the likeness and the image of God. Your life has genuine purpose. These experiences are working a more perfecting thing in you. It is the chipping away at dead and undesirable pieces that have become affixed to your way of thinking and moving that is taking place. The Lord wants to draw you closer to Him..You can look at yesterday's trial and last week's test as an unfortunate event, but I'd like to submit to you that God just might be trying to tell you something....and like Eli told Samuel....The next time He speaks.....say Yes Lord I hear You NOW!!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tomorrow is now - Just do it!

I know this place does not resemble beauty or grace. You have passed on many good ideas, and pushed off some fascinating adventures, only to continue down the same path you were familiar with. Momma and Daddy or even the Pastor, saints and friends all said this was the best road to take. You played it safe and kept on the path that seemed to lead to sure joy and happiness. You watched as many drifted off and tried new things and have enjoyed the pleasures and excitement of a life full of thrills and tantalizing thrills. You however have enjoyed safety and covering from all of the destructive pressures of the world around you. At least that's what you've been telling yourself for the last 15 years. And you finally wake up from all of this and look in the mirror at yourself and say, "My life is soooooo boring, and I have yet to find what i am really looking for. Where is the passion, and where is the joy? Will love ever find me, cause I haven't found it?" Truth is, your life begain to change directions the moment your feet got word from your brain to head towards the mirror and begin speaking to yourself.. Now the crucial time comes in what it is you say back to yourself. First know that it is no accident that you have been brought to this point, and that all you see behind you is pushing you forward cheering you towards purpose and destiny. The process that you've been through, has given you great perspective for what is coming into your life next. This next phase of living could only be approached from the position you are standing in now. So, whether you are surrounded by a crowd, standing in a lonely place, being loved, or looking for a lover, if your bank welcomes you, or if you welcome the thought of being able to use a bank, if you are close to God, or running back to Him, none of it has been in vain..and you can use every last bit of yesterday for assurance of God's love and grace for you...and start today cause you've go what you need for your Tomorrow! Just do it!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Living is in this Year, Go get your life back!

Here’s an exercise for a new beginning:

Start by listing all the people in your life that have made any contribution to your growth whether they were sweet about it and meant you well or if they were nasty and mean and wanted you to fail. Write every name down, and how they have influenced what you do in life, where you are in life, and what you’ve learned through life. For the mean and nasty, write a general letter that says thank you for being the obstacle in my life that made me work harder, think different, go another way, move to another place, and just plain wake up. To the sweet and supportive, wirte one that says thank you for helping remember that I could be better, do better, live better, and think higher. Send it to yourself in the mail via snail mail, two letters, two envelopes, and then place them in a place unopened. Whenever you need to remind yourself of your worth and whether you’re headed in the right direction, just unseal the letters,open them up and read about where you’ve come from and what it took to get you here. It will remind you of the road past and strengthen you for the road ahead. Be blessed and encouraged. Know that everything you’ve faced is only making you for your greater tomorrow. DOn’t go past it, or over it, plw through and overcome it. You can, you will, you shall, you must, SURVIVE!!!!!!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Close enough to be Kissed!

In this hour where we have the wonderful gift of having the word delivered to us in every possible way, let us not limit the frequency and variety of our worship. The Word remains the same in all it's many methods of delivery. Whether it be spoken over the pulpit, heard on the radio, read in the bible by your eyes, in a track or pamphlet, sung in a melody, or emailed over the information super-highway, it get's there with full strength and power. God loves a worshiper and only requires that he or she who worships does so in Spirit and in Truth...Please do not allow the traditionalism or religious repetitions cause you to refrain from intimacy with the one who knows you thru and thru....It is He who has called you to come closer to Him after He himself tore apart the veil that once separated u from Him. It is as a bride who's veil has been now removed and is awaiting the kiss of the groom...come closer.


What A Waste!!!

One life to live and that’s it. That’s all you’ve got. You can’t get the time back that you’ve already lived and spent, and you can’t live tomorrow’s life because it has not come yet. All you have is what sitting in front of you now. What do you do with what you have? This message is a reminder to us all that even though we may feel that there are plenty of reasons to sit back and allow our gifts and talents to lie asleep while others carry on, let remind you that you’ve only got one shot at life. What is it that you are waiting for? A prefect day to step up and use your gift will never come. I’m not sure if people are sitting back waiting for an invitation to life or are they just plain refusing to come to the party. Whatever it is, the bottom line to me is What a Waste! A gift and talent that is given an unused is like a beautiful desert that sits without anyone anywhere to indulge them and devour it. It’s made for eating, but no one’s eating it. A gift does not do you or anyone else any good if it’s unused. If you’ve got love, give it, if you’ve got inspiration share it. If you’ve got insight enlighten others. If you’ve got talents use them!


Friday, March 13, 2009

You might be insane!

I was watching a movie last night and phrase I heard really stuck out to me and I had to share it. To paraphrase it, it was basically saying that a person has got to be insane to be living working and remaining in any situation and or relationship where they are being merely tolerated, and not celebrated, when they are themselves fully aware of the gifts, talents and potential that lies within. When You chose to continue doing the exact same thing, year in and year out, accepting the roles and positions people give you based on there perception of you, then you can be considered insane. It's like possessing the power to turn the lights on in he house, having electricity flowing through the place, and standing near the switch, though never flipping it to the on position, but all the while crying where in that place because of your fear of the dark. Give yourself and everyone else who hears you crying a break...and turn on the lights anointing is only powerful when it is realized, recognized, and responded to. Use watchu got!!!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I know they Frontin.......Do it anyway!!!

Apologies don't always come and you may never be acknowledge for what you do. That's a fact of life and one to just accept and live on. It is not as important that you receive a formal 'i'm sorry" as it is for you to keep moving. Learn to live above the mess, and use the disappointment as stepping stones to the next level in life. There is a lesson in every bad experience, and in difficult times your muscles of patience, and integrity get a real heavy workout. Let your character be strengthened when your efforts go unmentioned, unnoticed, and misunderstood. Keep doing right when wrong stares you in the face and refuses to acknowledge you exist. Trust and know that your labor of love and selflessness is not going unseen. You will be rewarded and vindication is sure to come. Let your motivation continue to be helping, assisting and sharing compassion and kindheartedness. Whatever the seeds are that you sow is the harvest you can be sure to receive. Be not weary....Reaping time is coming!!!! :)


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yep you're the one I want!!

Stop making excuses for why you cannot do the job. You are definitely the right one for it. No one been ordained to do what you will do but you. The reason you keep dreaming about, thinking about, writing about, talking about, and paying so much attention to that area of ministry is because you are pregnant with a gift and anointing that is ripe for this hour. It has been confirmed time and time again to you and now it is time for you to believe what GOD has spoken, and MOVE!! Remember, He calls, He sends, and then we are expected to GO. I know it seems like they would be better for this but nope....You're the One He Wants....Get to Steppin!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Are You Free Today for a meeting?

a very special thing happens to you when you spend time in worship before the Lord. He begins to reveal more of His will for your life to you. He is sooo waiting to open up to you and allow you to share in some of the mysterious of His ways. He delights to be with you. Isn't it an awesome thing to know that the creator of the universe is interested in having a personal encounter with you. Don't cancel this Appointment...Worship Him!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

More than meets the eye.

All that men see when looking at us with the natural eye is not the limit of what we are or who will be. God has invested greatness and limitless potential inside of us. Your present circumstances, state of mind, strengths and weakness have not changed God's mind about using you to accomplish his will. Be assured that He does not repent for gifting you, but wants to bring you to your place of purpose and destiny. You are much more than yesterday, ordained for today, and being prepared for tomorrow. There's sooo much in you.. It's time for a withdrawal!!!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One of A Kind Worship!!!!! (no two are alike)

Your worship is your own individual opportunity for intimacy with God. Resist the temptation to duplicate the worship of another. Your experience with God will contain the secrets and revelations that He wants to share with you about you. In your time of face to face encounter, do not limit the strength of it with routine. You can and you will be changed forever, if you allow your worship to be raw, fresh and personal. Remember Spirit and TRUTH!!!