Wednesday, September 30, 2009

5 Steps to a Stronger, Loving, Lasting Marriage

5 Steps to a Stronger, Loving, Lasting Marriage
An Article Written by: Kenneth L. Martin Jr.
September 30, 2009

Marriage is a spiritual bonding and union that brings two hearts, and souls together, blending the thoughts, gifts, and passions of each to a wonderful melodious harmony. It is God's gift to mankind, though this thought is opposed by most of the society that we live in. With all of the negative stereotypes and oppositions to marriage, we often need to be reaffirmed and strengthened in our union to insure a lasting and loving life together. Today I offer 5 simple principles that have helped me and I believe will benefit you should you desire to maintain a healthy and happy relationship together.

1. Tell the Truth
It is very easy at times to avoid confrontation by withholding information from your spouse. This is not a good idea. Even though you may get an initial benefit of peace, later the dishonesty will manifest itself in frustration and possible feelings of isolation and misunderstanding. Ask God to soften your delivery, and to give you wisdom on how and when to speak the truth, but by all means be honest.

2. Date Him/Her
Just like you did when you first got together, it is imperative that you continue to spend time together just having fun and laughing. Do not allow the daily grind and rush to cause you to cease to look upon one another in the same loving and desiring way. Dating allows us to get out of the formailty and to just be ourselves. You get to see that smile and those dimples that attracted you. That way she walks, and the way he holds your hand. Make it fun and do it often.

3. Romance is Right
Write a letter, Send Flowers, Give a long hug, Kiss softly, Sing a song, take a walk, hold hands, give a massage, have a picnic, take a trip....and so on and so on...Don't let the fire die.

4. Don't be so predictable
If there is anything that can cause a marriage to go stale is predictability all the time. Sometimes, switch it up and do something that you haven't done before. Refuse to do the same thing over and over again, year in and year out. Surprise your mate with something new, maybe a gift, a trip, or just a night out. Pay attention to what they do and make a comment. Take notice of any changes and make a big deal out of it. Remember this is a life long journey…make it count.

5. Love the Lord thy God
Although I placed this at the end, I must say that this one is of upmost importance in all things. God provides the bridge that will get us over and hurdle or gulf of separation. As we grow together as a couple, it is necessary that we individually build on our relationship with the Lord. He will guide us in the stormy times and allow us to share the wonderful joys of the sunny occasions. He is the establisher of the marriage institute and our confession was made before Him. Trust Him to provide the peace, joy, and strength that will make our days together full and complete.

Copyright 2009, Kenneth L. Martin

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Got Darkness...Here's Light!

The darkness that now causes you to dimly see is the perfect opportunity for you to experience a real God miracle. God finds opportunity to display His glory in your life in dark times. He is in love with loving you and has promised to bring you to a place of clarity and light. There is purpose in every dark day, if nothing else but to experience the Light of God.

"The Lord is my light and my salvation....
so why should I be afraid...
The Lord protects me from danger....
so why should I tremble?

Psalm 27:1 NLT

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Your Pain is His Concern.....

You are not alone, for God walks beside you and is fully acquainted with the suffering that is your present reality. He is aware of your pain and His words declares that He will hear your cry and heal your hurt, pain, and wounds.....God Knows...He really Knows!

"He healeththe broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds."
Psalm 147:3


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Total and Complete Supremacy...

This song says it all, Here are the Lyrics.

Title: "Kings and Kingdoms"

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
There is Something About That Name
Master, Savior, Jesus
Like A Fragrance, After the Rain
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Let All Heaven and Earth Proclaim
Kings, And Kingdoms, shall All Pass Away
But There's Something About That Name

We can be confident that everything that exalts itself
as great in this earth and in every realm, must stil fall subject
to the name of Jesus Christ. God has given Him a name above every name.
We have no need to fear any man, circumstance, illness, or situation.
Jesus is King and Lord of All

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's alright to stop and get it.....

I was driving today at lunch headed to this Thai place i found to get something to eat. And at least three different times while driving I witnessed individuals who had stopped their cars and gotten out to pick up something that had either flown out of their car or fell off. Whichever way it was, they were now taking their time to collect the things they had lost. They were not worried about those who were driving by and or who were waiting for them to hurry up and move. They had lost something important apparently, and felt the need to go and retrieve what was lost. After I had eaten, and on the way back to the office, I noticed the last car and the Holy Spirit quickened my understanding that often at the pace that we travel in while living, we may lose important principles, and practices through an open window or unsecured door. If we are not watchful and praying, we can become indifferent to the ways of God, and the principles of right living because of our honest quest to achieve, receive, and cleave to more and more of this worlds symbols of success. The Lord reminded me that His principles provide for success that carries over into eternity. Things like, honesty, truth, integrity, sharing, giving, Faithfulness, patience, and endurance. We get it back by daily immersion in the scriptures, prayer, and fellowship with bible believing, Christ loving brothers and Sisters. The pace may be somewhat fast, but it's ok to take a "brake" and get what may have gotten away.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm soo glad that.....

God gave us today....and extra excited to share with you in this special way. What a blessing to be able to give of ourselves, and to all our gifts to be enjoyed by someone else. The strength that you need, might be the strength I've received, and the joy I long for, may live in you so much more...So thank goodness that Christ has made us both free, to be absolutely, excellently all we can Be...

I am thankful and Grateful for YOU!


Live it everywhere......

Refuse the temptation to discuss issues of adult nature in front of your children that do not edify their young inmatured minds. I'll never forget the many times as a child I heard adults speaking about issues that I was unable to digest and did not know what to do with. They shape my opinions about people I had never met and caused me at times to react to those same people in a negative and disrespectful manner. I was only responding to what I had heard, and based on the notion that I was right to feel this way. Children are not able to discern everything from the eyes of a mature adult, we as parents, aunts and uncles must take careful concern to live a life of integrity and character and protect the ears and concience of our children. Give them a fair chance to live a life of respect, and love towards all mankind.

Friday, September 18, 2009

You can do it.....

Don't believe the hype. I know there are so many reasons to believe that your dreams are unable to be fulfilled. It is very easy to feel that way with all the pressures of life you might experience. You are not alone. Within you lies the ability, strength and purpose of which the Lord God has provided. He is the source, and because He is infinite in wisdom, power and strength, you can do it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

SoulWorshiper's Daily Devotions: Ten Great Ways to Dynamically Change Your Life Today!

SoulWorshiper's Daily Devotions: Ten Great Ways to Dynamically Change Your Life Today!

Ten Great Ways to Dynamically Change Your Life Today!

Ten Great Ways to Dynamically Change Your Life Today!
Article Written by: Kenny Martin Jr.

Everyone says they're looking for a change and ready for a difference in their lives. Well here are ten ways in which you can begin to do just that.

1. Forgive someone that you have harbored ill feelings towards for a long time. Forgiveness frees your heart, mind, soul and body to live with more joy and peace. Many times the one who has wronged you is not even doing as well as you think, and more than likely have forgotten...It's time for you to move past it. Prayerfully and with a willing mind, God can heal your heart.

2. Learn something new each day.
Go to the library, and pick up a book and fill your mind with fresh knowledge, You will feel good about yourself, and the new information may prove more valuable than words could describe.

3. Open up your heart.
Be willing to start loving again. I know you may have been hurt before, but that was then and this is now. Love still works, and you deserve to know what it feels like.

4. Be a better Giver
Believe it or not, you will feel like a million bucks when you start to give to those in need. Try finding a charity, or even a single mother, a family, or a child in need. God gives wealth to those who will be a conduit to meet the needs of those who cannot do for themselves...Share the gifts.

5. Go for a walk.
Do you know that just taking a simple 10 minute walk everyday could drastically improve your health and physical shape. Additionally, it is such a great thing to go out and enjoy what God has made for His children to enjoy. You might even meet a neighbor or friend. Turn that T.V. off, and get off that sofa, and see what’s happening outdoors today.

6. Face your fears.
Are you afraid of heights, scared of the water, or just overly anxious about speaking in front of people. Well there are all sorts of classes available to teach you how to do just about anything you can imagine. Often times our fears are wrapped up in the unknowns of a thing. I’ll bet that if you take the time and learn more about just what it is you’re afraid of, that those fears might turn into cheers.(corny I know)

7. Start believing in something more.
It is so easy to refuse to accept and believe those things that we cannot see today. There is a tendency to want to wait for a thing to physically manifest itself before we will believe in it’s validity. This type of thinking may provide for a limited life. There are great joys available to all who are willing to step out in Faith, and allow Hopes and Dreams to have a place in our living. God according to His Word insists that Faith is the only thing that will get His attention for moving on our behalf. It’s the only way to see real change.

8. Spend Some Quality Time With Others.
Our lives can often become rather thick and busy with the hustle and bustle of work, school, soccer practice, bills, and business. There never really seems to be much time available for taking a breath and enjoying one another. Though we may drive to the game together or even to church, we often limit our dialogue to the concerns and cares of life. Even the phone calls we make to family may come only during times of issue, loss, turmoil, and frustration. Turn that around, and start enjoying the gift of family and friends while they are here.

9. Discover a New Hobby
There is so much joy to be found in discovering a new hobby. Take a break from the serious non stop activity, and find something new and fun to do that you’ve never done before. Go to the sporting goods store, the craft store, or the toy store and find a new way to enjoy your time, Be sure and make it something brand new and never before attempted.

10. Stop Complaining
Although it is easy to do, as you can see…it has done nothing. So stop this right away, and get started today and make a Change. Remember Change is not change until YOU CHANGE!

Copyright 2009, Kenny Martin

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Your Worship will fight for you!!!

Here's is just a reminder to you that your worship is an instrument of war for you. Much of what causes us to fear and have doubt in our minds comes from the lack of adequate devotion and worship with God. Worship brings perspective to the size of every problem and situation we face, and dwarfs it in comparison to our God. When we consider the strength, power, might, shelter, refuge, holiness, might, love, love, joy and peace, of Abba Father, we realize we are covered. Worship will get it done.

Special Invitation to SoulWorshiper's Devotional Journal Blog - Sept 16 , 2009

You're invited to join my devotional blog "SoulWorshiper's Journal" Just go to http://soulworshipers-daily-devotions... and click on "Follow" on the right hand column....and you'll get updates. I post blogs and videos that are not on facebook regularly.. Be blessed and hope to share with you there.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Guard what you've got....

Your Integrity and your character are under attack. It's the way you respond to life and situations behind closed doors and when no one is looking. In Ephesians 6:6 Paul the apostles warns us about being men pleasers only, giving eye service. He explains that God requires of us to do everything as unto the Lord, for He watches always.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

It may be time to let it go.....

Some habits are worth letting go....along with some associations, issues, feelings, memories, and beliefs....You will know the ones to let go by the fruit that they bare in your life....Are you better with and for them...or have they left you cripple and destitute and possibly robbing you of the peace and joy meant for your life? If so then this is the right time, and the right place to serve an eviction notice effective immediately....
It's time for you to LIVE FREE!!!

Music Video: SoulWorshiper Song - 'Keep Movin..'

This is a short music video I put together with my song "Keep Moving" synched to it. The message is there and I believe pretty clear. Don't stop moving! You were not created to quit. God has an ordained plan for your life, and His purpose is for you to Win!
The suffering, battles, trials and tests are not to make you bitter or to take you out, but to make you better, and to bring you closer in to fellowship with God! It's a process.


Friday, September 11, 2009

You were Created with a Choice...

From the very beginning you were created to have the choice to chose life or death..and this has not stopped. Although it appears now that you are at the mercy of life and all that it brings, I want to remind and encourage you that the breath in your body, and the Spirit which quickens and give it life insures that this choice has not changed. God has just as in the garden of Eden, given you the opportunity to chose to LIVE and NOT Die! Refuse to walk the earth without the full potential of your creator being realized within you. Blessings!


Friday, September 4, 2009

SoulWorshiper's Live Video Devotional - "What Now.....?"

SoulWorshiper's Live Video Devotional - Sept 4, 2009
"What Now...?"
Ephesians 6:14
"Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;"
Taken from the SoulWorwshiper's Devotional Journal