Sunday, May 31, 2009

Who can find a soulworshipper?

Thursday, 28 May 2009 21:06

By Toni Terrell
The Answer Editor-in-Chief

Las Vegas has musical talent oozing from its veins – vocalists who can out sing the best of them, drummers who can command an audience without a melody, and choirs who sound like roaring thunder – but who can find a soulworshipper? It sounds like a tribe of people who speak a different language.

Judging by his personal lullabies, Minister Kenneth Martin, Jr. can communicate with God in this special language that only a few seem to know – at least that’s what it looks and sounds like.

In the spirit, it appears as if Jesus is whispering into the ear of the Father, ‘your boy is on the ivory again’. As the notes began to spring from the keyboard, you wonder what each one means from one spirit to another.

The expressions on his face suggest that each chord struck represents drips of salutations. The one-finger melodies that follow personify gentle kisses shared between loved ones, and the sweet chord progressions that sneak up behind resemble the heart-to-heart hugs between friends glad to see one another after a close call between life and death.

Can you imagine what an impromptu song says?

“When I’m at my best in music, someone possibly even myself, might have an emotional experience and feel a warm or chilled feeling come over them, and it might possibly cause them to ponder a decision and make a turn for the good,” the 35-year-old music lover explained.

“But the soulful sound of the worshiper will however cause a supernatural occurrence from the hand of Jehovah to totally transform that person’s life and bring complete peace and pure love,” Martin added.

An accomplished keyboardist with more than sixteen years experience and the lead musician for the popular gospel group Spirit of Praise Ministries, Martin has probably been the best kept secret in Las Vegas for the last four years – until now.

Originally from Fairfield, California, Martin is known for his tasteful flavor on the Hammond B 3 Organ in San Francisco where he nurtured his craft as he served as minister of music for fifteen years. His weighty background in gospel music – both contemporary and traditional - was evident although the minister of the gospel clearly displays skill in R&B, Jazz, Blues and Funk.

“I don’t take any credit for what God has done with my music, it is definitely all Him,” the son of a preacher man will quickly admit.

“I love music and I love to play it. However, at this juncture and season in my life, I’ve noticed and realized the difference between performance and real worship ministry,” said Martin, who travels extensively with the group ministering. “Both may sound good and draw a response from people, but only one gets the attention of the Father.”

Married to his wife of twelve years, Maya Martin, and father to their two daughters, Chelyn, 9 and Chenel, 7, the Bay Area preacher started his soulworshipping journey at the age of five when he began singing with his siblings. The musician graduated to playing piano and organ at age 12 and eventually established a gospel choir at Armijo High School in his sophomore year. It was in 1997 that he answered his call to the ministry.

“I love my God, I love my family and I love my life,” Minister Martin proclaims. “My love for music transcends time and generations, yet it remains constant with the flow and the direction of God. My desire is to see lives changed and added to the kingdom of God. If I can provoke that change through a calming melody or soothing instrumental flow, my heart is made glad.”

In his presence for more than one song at any given time, it is clear to see that this man has a heart for worship. “I have worked with musicians all my life, I’ve been directing choirs since I was six years old,” said Rochelle Schoener, musician director for the Spirit of Praise.

“I have seen talent that you would not believe. But when it is all said and done, I want to work with musicians and vocalists who have a heart for worship. Kenny has that heart. When he told me that he would rather have favor than anything else, I knew then he was the musician for the Spirit of Praise – not to mention the brother is ultra talented,” Schoener added.

Just weeks away from releasing their first collaboration, Schoener and Martin serve as the musical giants behind the new and improved gospel group. “Spirit of Praise brought back a sound that has been missing in the industry for some time. They truly are minstrels unto the Lord and I'm so excited about this time for them because they are about to take the kingdom by storm,” said T’Mil Curtis of Emerge Records.

One of Martin’s newest songs scheduled to be released first is “More of You,” a love song to God. Performed at the group’s Second Annual Concert Persuaded to Praise, the piece left listeners in tears as its sincerity could be felt in every word.

As the group sang “More of You,” which prompted hands lifted to God in worship, the song proved to be one of the highlights of the evening and was considered a vocal and musical sacrifice to God. “That is going to be my coming out song,” said KCEP Radio Personality Dave Wallace. “You heard it right here in front of everyone, as soon as you all drop that I will play it every day for a year.”

Humble with every compliment, Martin has gained respect through the Las Vegas community as he dazzles listeners with his skillful prances up and down the piano keys and his cross-over chord hopping. His recent accompaniment on the piano for the New Antioch Christian Fellowship Choir during the highly televised funeral of Officer James Manor has heightened his admiration amongst the Christian community even more.

But if you ask people what they appreciate the most in the skillful musician, some may say that he is an excellent father and husband – always balancing his time with music and his time with his family. Others may say he is an excellent teacher of music and a prolific song writer. There is another group who would argue that his encouragement of others in the Word is noteworthy and his attention to detail is commendable.

But if you know him truly, the first thing that will come out of your mouth is the best thing about Kenneth Martin, Jr. is He Is a Worshipper!
So who can find a soulworshipper? I can.
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Do What You Do!

Don't do it like me...don't do like them....What you got is good enough so just be true and do it like you.

That is all.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Relationship before Rules!

If there was one thing I learned while leading in ministry it is that rules come late and relationship comes first...It is really challenging to lead from a point of no influence.....People tend to trust in those that they know more often....Come on you see it all the time...Folk in church will even sit down on, and size up people they are not familiar with. They take exception to those that they know very little about....and tend to stand behind those they spend time with, and have had experiences with....Now you can try if you want to, to walk into a new place and start demanding this and that, see just what u get...If noone anywhere knows anything about you, you may be lucky if u leave untouched....It's just human nature..and guess what it works with our walk with the Lord too...He has already given the example of what leadership and order is all about....He himself desires above all to share with us as, sons, daughters & friends...He calls us no more servants....He has always wanted us to know more of Him and to have fellowship with Him....The laws alienated us and caused us to live separated from Him...but the work of Jesus has given us access to walk closer to Him and thus giving life to our eyes, and hearts, and now we are able to live the way He desired us to....Soooooooo....before u get to ranting and raving and shaking that finger making demands....get to know a person, and build a relationship based on common interests and love....It will go much farther...and break down walls that the rules never could....remember....Relationship First!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I know somebody who wants you bad!

I'm so glad the Lord wants me....I remember that song from when I was a kid....When we sang that song in youth choir back in the day...tears always seemed to flow from the eyes of the young girl who used to lead it...I believe even then there was evidence of the Lord's hand upon our lives....The very fact that He chose to reveal His love to us in our childhood reminds us that He really does want us as His own....For whatever we have become or will be...we weren't that back then....yet even you can identify time, places, and situations where it was clear that God's hand was upon your life....He never changes...and remember gifts and callings come without repentance...He still wants us....and He still calls us! Wow, I feel His loving embrace even now as I write this...Thank you Lord, for confirming your love for me...I love you back!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Look for the way out.....

Okay, so this one came out of a recent experience. I was setting up some equipment I had never used before for an event. I started to connect it all using what I understood to be the logical way. I did not notice however that on each peace of the equipment and cabling were numbers that someone had taken the time to attach i'm sure from a prior installation....Well as is customary for many of us brethren I was eager to demonstrate my ability to rapidly get the job complete..Of course the equipment would not work as installed by myself...and we played with it for a while to no avail....we probably pushed every button and changed every cable in an effort to solve the problem...It was not until I looked closer and started to identify the nicely affixed numbers and accepted the fact that they were there for a purpose, and that was to insure my success in re-installing the equipment as done in times past.....Sure enough after following the number coded scheme I had success and was able to use the equipment as designed...Shortly after that I thought about how God says that a way of escape will be made for us in every temptation....and that if we look for, pay attention to and respond to the way that is being we will be able to escape it and live the way we were destined and purposed Victory!!!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thanks Momma!....this is My Tribute

My Momma prayed for me, she doctored me, she taxied me, she taught me, she encouraged me, she motivated me, she wiped my tears, she cheered for me, she loved on me, and invested in me time and time again.....If there is anything that I am sure of it is that my mother is and has always been on my team....There have been plenty of occasions when I may not have even been playing on my own team...(doing things that would hurt me)...but momma has always been there...I witnessed her make great sacrifices to insure my happiness, nourishment, and safety. Mommies are sooo very special, and I will never cease to praise and honor the wonderful woman that God ordained my life to be birthed thru....She is the why, and the how, in my past, present and future...I love you Momma! Happy Mother's Day!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Control Freaks Listen Up......

Would u agree that control seems to be one of the most abused things of the day....people in leadership have taken this one to the head...Yet somehow seem to forget how backwards this is when they themselves are unable to get control of their own habits, tendencies, urges, desires, or whatever other light and less harsh ounding words they might come up with to describe them...At any rate...this is not a bash but a build up and a beseeching to us all....With every opportunity to be an example and to lead others, there exists an awesome opportunity to do some from a position of integrity and character....Soooooo....repent first, forgive first, love first, serve first, encourage first, give first, deny first......(the flesh that is)....and make the difference right in the corner of the vineyard you've been planted......Self Control will do it!


Sunday, May 3, 2009

You're God Alone.......

I still have that song ringing in my ear....We sang that Sunday afternoon, and those words are so profound....Songs starts out "There's no Question of Your Greatness!" I'm sure you all know it...the Marvin Sapp Ballad....I get stuck right there....It is the reminder to me that God is not waiting on me to make up my mind as to whether or not I feel confident in His strength and ability to do the impossible in my life....He is not held captive to all of my limitations...and He is not relying on my understanding....He's God Alone...with or without me...And that's and awesome truth to remember....


Saturday, May 2, 2009

You've already got Ministry.....

In this hour of relevancy seeking, so many of us are trying to find out where we are supposed to really be putting our efforts into....We have enjoyed many victories and have experienced great moments of triumph in the areas of acquiring and achieving...yet some seek real purpose....Maybe u have never found what it is or perhaps there have been some really tough life shifts and reality blows that have caused you to doubt what you once felt sure of....Ministry these days seems to be a popular term for creating a place of relevancy for one's ideas and spiritual quests. At any rate, if you seek relevancy, you only need look into the eyes of those you call co-worker, friend, neighbor, cousin, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, mother, father, son, daughter, and don't forget the reflection in the mirror....there are many opportunities for ministry everyday, every hour......and that's where you'll get your Amen!

Friday, May 1, 2009

I can use that......

Quick reminder: God can use what u have right now....You need not wait until it all works out and starts to look better. Where u are right now is a great place for Him to show himself strong in and thru your life. It never looks dark to Him. Whatever u are working with is enough for Him to use.....