Friday, April 9, 2010

I do believe I'll make it.....

You've been trying and trying over and over again to get it right. No one really plans to get it wrong or make a mess of things this many times, and neither did you. You are sincere in your endeavor and in your heart of hearts you want to make it right. Check your pulse, is there a heart beat, place your hand in from of your mouth...Are you breathing? can you hear yourself reading this aloud?..., and are you able to blink the eyes you've been using to read this message? If so, one thing we both know is that you are not finished, and definitely not defeated. take a deep breath and get ready to ....WAIT! you thought I was gonna say get back in there Naw, we learn from our;'s ime now to devote some time to prayer and reading God's word and seeking his will...when's the last time you went on a fast...try one today even if it;s a short one...we gotta get ourselves in a place where we can hear God's voice and not the carnal foolishness we've been receiving lately. So here is the plan...start on your knees and open up your heart...and let the Lord lead you before you move. He will speak...we just need to hear.


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